Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adjectives + Artsy Fifth Graders Week 7

Teaching adjectives is one of my favorites. Every year I have my students complete a worksheet called "Kiki's Kitty" in which they have to come up with an adjective fore every letter of the alphabet.

I allow them to use their dictionaries if they are unable to think of an adjective. The results are pretty hilarious.

After they completed this worksheet, I had them make acrostics with their names. They had to think of an adjective for every letter in their name. Again, I let them use their dictionaries if they couldn't think of one.

Again, excellent results.

        Nice                                       Artistic                                 Jealous
        Overseas                                Adverbial                             Alight
        Irate                                       Nice                                    Multilateral
                                                     Unhappy                              Multiple
                                                     'Nother                                Yellowish

       Jobless                                High-so                                 Kafkaesque
       Ornamental                          Angry                                   Innocent
       Eligible                                Naughty                                Thinker
      Yellow                                  Nice                                      Asian Lover Songs

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