Thursday, April 19, 2012


You may have noticed in my last post about rambutan that I have a few scrapes on my hand and face. I was in an accident on Tuesday.

But I’d rather look at the positive, so just assume that the answer to all of the following questions is ‘yes’.

~Are both you and your friend who was riding with you okay?

~Were you rear-ended by a van?

~Were your injuries minor?

~Did the accident happen directly in front of the office where your fiancée works?

~Did the accident also happen directly in front of a Pharmacy?

~Was Hong able to negotiate with the van driver and police so that you had to pay much less money than you expected?

~Did your friend call the sweetest Korean lady ever to drive you home in her air-conditioned car and did she buy you orange juice on the way home?

~Were the damages to your motorbike minor and inexpensive to repair?

~Did Hong buy you a mint-chocolate shake and then also let you have most of his mango passion fruit shake?

~Are you happy with how you handled the situation?

~Will you post pictures of your wounds?

Just kidding. The answer to that last question is NO. That’s gross. I will not post wound pictures unless they show up naturally in a picture I was going to post anyway.

In other news, check out this sunrise we had yesterday!

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