Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Merry Little Christmas Tree

This being my third Christmas in Laos, I thought it was high time I invested in a tree-sized Christmas tree. Here are the trees from my first two years:

My roommate had a (mayyybe) 2 foot tree that we set on a table. 
(love me some I Spy puzzle!)

Travels to Luang Prabang prevented any Christmas decorating.
So I claimed this ginormous beauty as Christmas tree 2010
Yes, I had big decorative ideas for this year. Unfortunately, my faux fir plans were thwarted by teaching busy-ness. Still, wanted to put the beautiful presents that my parents sent to me underneath...something. So this is what I threw together a few days before Christmas:

 I took a plant that my landlord put in the house

 ...wrapped it in garland, used jingle bells for ornaments, put presents underneath...

 ...and voila! Instant Christmas tree 2011!

That is, in fact the same puzzle that graced the table in 2009. Some traditions are sacred. This puzzle is one of those traditions. Christmas trees, apparently, are not.

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  1. I like the jingle-bell houseplant, but year two is unquestionably my favorite. :)