Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Motorbike Helmet- 4 ways to wear it

Confused about how to fashion your motorbike helmet to best suit your personal style? I know I was, so I’ve compiled four celebrity-inspired looks to help alleviate confusion:

(1.www.allposters.com, 2. modrezia.blog.cz, 3. www.marshu.com, 4. www.juicymilk.co.uk)

1- The Neil Armstrong 
Visor is completely closed. Recommended when driving behind pollution-spilling vehicles.
2- The Jocelyn 
Position visor so that it slightly obstructs your vision. Not recommended while driving.

3- The Yoanna
Position visor just above eyebrows. Add a bold lip for drama.

4- The lime cat
Visor in the complete upward position. Scowl fiercely.

As you can see, by simply placing the visor in different positions, you can change the entire look! I decided to try out each of these looks using my very own  helmet. Which do you think is the most successful?

Whoever your inspiration comes from: Neil, Jocelyn, Yoanna, or Cat, wear your look with confidence taking comfort in the fact that every person on earth looks ridiculous while wearing a motorbike helmet.


  1. I think i'm more of a natural Jocelyn, because i can't breathe w/ the visor down but i have sensitive eyes.

  2. Only, the thing is, you look like a serious hottie in a helmet. I always say when referencing you, "My best friend from high school is the girl who would look good dressed only in a trash bag."

    You're also the girl who, for whatever reason, might ACTUALLY dress in a trash bag for some occasion. Love you!

  3. "Add a bold lip for drama." I die.

  4. It's true you do look good in anything friend! But my favorite is the Jocelyn beauty over practicality usually wins with me though! hhahaha

  5. *Candice and Kat- Jocelyn's hat is actually what inspired this post! Love that movie.

    *Melanie- Thanks, friend! I actually DID wear a trash bag for a trash fashion show a couple of years ago!

    *Kristen- I thought you'd appreciate that!

  6. I'm just glad you wear a helmet...

  7. this is the right way to wear helmet. it will protects you from fatal accident.