Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Dinner Pt. 2

Continuing on from this previous post about Valentine's dinner, here's the food that we enjoyed! We visit this restaurant at least once per month.


First I enjoyed a plate of delicious sushi (with plenty of wasabi!)

and Hong had green algae soup and mussels. Those fried shrimps were also mine.

Main Course

The main course is called Seen Daad.

Seen = Meat
Daad = a quick burn

A Seen Daad table has a big hole in the middle. The hole is filled with a bucket of hot coals and then topped with a metal pan with a dome in the middle. Broth is poured in the pan. The first step to successful Seen Daad is a well-fatted dome. As soon as it starts to heat up, it is necessary to coat the entire thing with fat. 

We then selected our favorite raw meats

and raw vegetables. 
The vegetables go in the broth and the meat goes on the dome.
Once they're thoroughly cooked, we dipped the meat and veggies in a peanut sauce (with garlic and peppers added)


Please ignore the hunk of fat and focus on that dessert! It is coconut milk and sugar syrup mixed with ice and an assortment of jellies made out of rice powder and tapioca.

Mood Lighting

It was such a fun evening!

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