Monday, January 30, 2012

Seasons- 3 in 1

This is such a colorful time of the year in Laos! We are experiencing the last of the cool weather and for a short period of time, we get (in my opinion) the best of three seasons:

Spring Blossoms
Something's always blooming in Laos! But this time of year is especially colorful. 

                                        Summer Fruit                                    

Though it's not the best time of the year for fruit, you get to see it beginning to ripen. These trees are in my neighbor's front yard: a Jackfruit tree and a mango tree. There is a pink hammock strung in between. (My house is the light one in the distance.)
Watermelon and Jichama (man pao = coconut potato) are quite easy to find.

Autumn Leaves

There are only a few kinds of trees that change color here, and one of them happens to be right outside of my house. I love green, but Autumn leaves are definitely my favorite kind!

Now if only we could get a bit of snow...

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  1. Oh amy I am so glad that you have a tree that changes colors we didn't get much leaf changing this fall but after 3 years of not having any can't say I am too disappointed. Such small beautiful blessings undisguised!