Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Helmet Re-design

As I was doing some picture research for this post, I was inspired by some of the helmet designs out there. Some were designed to look like a globe, a golf/tennis ball, Santa Claus, or Optimus Prime. This website is dedicated to putting fake hair on the outside of your helmet. And of course, here's our all-time favorite head of helmet hair:

Not feeling quite confident enough to add actual hair to my helmet, I figured my best option would be to paint it. And as my creativity comes in bursts and must be attended to immediately lest it dry up like a raisin in the sun, I decided to use nail polish- the only 'paints' I had on hand.
First I removed the visor. No screwdriver? No problem!

Next, I picked my colors. I didn't want to use anything too dark, sheer, or expensive. I had purchased all of these polishes (except the white one on the left) in Thailand for about 50 cents each and the white one at a dollar store in the states for a dollar.

I took the white polish and drew a line down the middle. I wasn't too concerned about it being perfect. Not for any particular reason, I just didn't want to be concerned. Then I drew some geometric shapes on each side, filled in each shape with color, and went over any white lines that I'd accidentally painted over. Then I re-attached the visor.

My living room smelled like cheap nail polish for 3 days, but I really like the results! Other than wearing it while driving, Hong likes to wear it while playing guitar, and I like to wear it while playing with puppy.


  1. That helmet is excellent. I expect nothing less...

    In related news: Mark got me a bike helmet! It's silver and sparkly with white stars. (No visor, and motorists here suck, so I guess I'll be rocking the full on Lime Cat.)

  2. http://www.nutcasehelmets.com/collections/street/gen2/silver-fly

  3. Cuuuuute helmet, sista! No re-design necessary there! (The Lime Cat is a classic. Wear it with pride.)

  4. Wow, Amy - this is amaaazing! Nail polish - who would have thought!

  5. Thanks, mom! Yeah, I was really surprised the color was so opaque!