Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grilled Fish- The Impolite Way

I had so much fun with this tutorial about noodle soup that I decided to do another one!

One of my favorite meals here is fresh grilled fish. Unfortunately, there is no polite way to eat it.

In my opinion, it is most delicious when eaten with a sweet sauce called Jeow Pan Ba, sticky rice, long bean salad, and Pepsi!

Part 1

1. Grip the top fin and pull to separate the skin from the body.

2. Carefully peel the skin, making sure the meat stays intact.

3. Peel the skin until the entire side is exposed.

4. Extract meat with a fork (it will be quite hot).

5. Make sure there are no bones in your meat. Eat with the delicious sauce!

WARNING: Steps 6-11 are a bit messy, therefore these pictures may be too graphic for the little'uns.

Part 2

6. Clean out all of the meat on the first side.

7. Sever the spine at the base of the head and pull it out toward the tail. This will allow you to access the second side of delicious meat.

8. Eat.

9. Continue eating (can you spot the differences between pictures 8 and 9?)

10. If you dare, grab a spoon and scoop up the tender innards (pictured in the blue box). In Lao, these are called keuang nai - things inside.

11. Admire a job well done. Feed skin and bones to an eagerly-awaiting dog.

This entire meal costs about $6. So. Good.

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