Friday, April 6, 2012

Small Reminders of Home- Sunflowers

My students are always munching on sunflower seeds, so I guess I should have assumed there were sunflowers SOMEWHERE in Southeast Asia. However, I was still surprised to see this friendly little row greeting me as I drove home from work yesterday.

They mostly remind me of my sister, and also of summers at my grandparents house climbing hay bales, wooing frightened kittens and scratching unfortunately placed chigger bites.

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  1. Yes - and you'll soon be experiencing some of this. :) :) Hopefully there will be kittens at grandmas this year, but if not, Uncle Bill and Aunt Jane have plenty of cats to enjoy! Chiggers are a given. Hay bales might be hard to find in June, but I'm sure we could find an old gray one to climb!