Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lao Comfort Food

Hong and I go to the same fish restaurant almost every Saturday for lunch. For a long time, we got the same thing- a whole grilled fish, long bean salad and sticky rice. Then we discovered that they also serve one of Hong's favorite foods- Goy Ba.

Goy Ba is made with fish, mint, long beans, and lots of other herbs and spices. We also ordered fish soup and (of course) sticky rice. It's so delicious that we've never gone back to plain grilled fish.

I never thought I'd call fish soup a 'comfort food'. But this definitely is! The broth is so flavorful and the fish is so meaty and filling.

 If you're lucky, you'll get the fish's head!

 Annnnd here's another picture of Hong with a puppy. (NOT a comfort food.)

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