Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sabaidee Pi Mai Lao!!

Happy Lao New Year!! Today is the first of three days of water fights in the streets, extremely loud music, and general merry making.

Last night Hong and I went to That Luang to enjoy some water-free activities. There were lots of things for sale as well as a few carnival-like games. Hong chose a shooting game. 

It looked fun so I decided to take one of his 5 shots. Success?

Nope. I have no idea how to shoot any kind of gun. Hong laughed a lot (he's still imitating my sweet straight-armed technique) and I'm sure that guy in the brown shirt was laughing on the inside. 

 Hong ended up shooting one down and he got an energy drink as a prize.

There was also a "Miss Lao New Year" competition taking place that night.

The winner received the title of Miss Lao New Year 2555. She also gets to ride around town on this buffalo on the first day of Lao New Year (today!) while people throw water on her.

As we were admiring the buffalo, the competition began.

These two came out in a cloud of smoke accompanied by the theme music of Star Wars. No joke. I tried to take a short video right after the music started, but I think it was accidentally deleted. So I typed it out for you. I hope you can follow along (I know that one person's DAH is another person's DUN).

DAAAAAAAH! Dadada dah. Dagga dah dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

Dun dun dun DUNNNNNN DUNNNNNNN dun dun dun DUNNNNN DUNNNNN dun dun dun DUNNN DUNNNN da da da DUNNNNN.

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  1. Amy, I was checking earlier today for a New Year's post. I knew I could count on you! Kinda wish you had gotten some school pictures but these are great they make me happy and laugh and yes I do obsessively check your blog and am glad you check mine too. Love you and your blog! Have a great New Year!