Monday, April 16, 2012

Lao New Year day 3

On the third day of Pi Mai Hong and I traveled about 45 minutes outside of Vientiane to Nong Paen village.

When we arrived, Hong's sister-in-law prepared meatballs for lunch. (In Lao, meatballs are called luk seen = meat child)

Then the water 'playing' began. It was way less intense than the water fights we had the day before. Most of the time, the water was lovingly poured down your back while the person doing the pouring said some kind of blessing.

However, they also very much enjoy taking you by surprise. I should have known from this lady's expression that something was up.

The water was freezing cold! But that day the temperature was in the upper 90s, so I couldn't complain.

Hong's cousin and I bonded over three things: our awesome shorts, our matching water guns, and our love of shooting each other in the face when least expected. 

Then we played lots of games! I didn't get any pictures of the water games because I participated in those ones. But there was also musical chairs...

 ...and a game where you need to pass rubber bands to your teammates using only straws.

Hong added another obstacle to the game- he went around blowing baby powder in people's faces while they tried to concentrate. I could not stop laughing.

After that, all the guys played football.

And we knew it was time to go home when a herd of cows stormed the field.

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