Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I Need to Make Lists

I went to the local minimart yesterday with the intention of stocking up on food so I wouldn't have to leave the house for meals (we're in FULL ON New Year water fight mode!) however I didn't have any specific plan, so I ended up buying a strange mishmash of things.

1. Baked beans- I got these home and immediately wondered why I had bought two. Then I wondered why I'd bought even one. 

2. Seaweed Pringles- One of my students brought these to our Lao New Year's party on Thursday. I hadn't tried them before because I don't really like plain seaweed, but they're actually delicious!

3. Whole Wheat Joma bread- Mmmmmm. Love me some Joma bread. Now I can make my famous baked-bean-and-seaweed-pringle sandwiches.

4. Footsee socks- Seriously? I have no idea why I picked these up. I think it's strange, though, that the brand is 'Golden Legs' and they're made in Thailand where only the whitest of legs are beautiful.

5. In Time- Don't judge. I was in need of entertainment and it was between this or Final Destination 5. And what could be better than Amanda Seyfried AND Justin Timberlake in the same movie? Answer- almost anything. It wasn't terrible, but within the first 10 minutes I was wondering how it could possibly have a satisfactory ending. Answer- it doesn't.

6. Bik Kuri- I bought this drink for two reasons:
a. the smiling ice

b. this special message.

It tasted like a mix between Pedialyte and Red Bull. 

Today it's supposed to be 97 degrees! This afternoon I'm going with Hong's family to join in the water fighting. We'll ride in the back of Hong's brother's truck and throw water on passers by. It should be excellent.

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