Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of Term Concert

Last night was our end of term concert! I absolutely cannot believe that it's the end of the school year already.

 Another teacher and I were the MCs. We had a student translate for us.

When I wasn't on stage, I had to look after my 5th graders, so I didn't get any pictures of the performances. But I did get some backstage pictures of some of their costumes.

 There were melancholy girls in flowers,

 silly boys in spots,

 beautiful ballerinas (these are my girls!)

and some kind of shiny reptile-like costume. There were over 20 performances. Our school director believes it is important for every student to be on stage performing, and there are almost 800 students who attend the school.

At the end of the concert, everyone who was left got on stage for a big group photo.

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  1. awh bet you were a great MC! Miss you! When will you be in the states? how long too?