Thursday, May 24, 2012

Puppy Introductions

I love having puppies in the house! They're starting to recognize my voice and get excited when I come home from teaching. And I'm certainly excited to see them running to greet me!

 Here they are!

This is Kuzco. I've already talked a bit about him here. Besides climbing things, he also likes to irritate his mom by chewing on her ears and tail. 

 This is Kevin. He likes to crawl under things such as the couch, the bed, and my motorbike tire.

He also likes to chew on the table with his sister, Mulan. 

This is Mulan. She likes to chew on everything from fingers to electrical cords. She's the puppy most attatched to me, and I often find her whining outside my door.  

This is Tiny. She's the runt. It's difficult for her to walk on the slippery tile floors in my house, so she prefers being outside.

But when she is inside, she likes to be held like this. 

Here's the whole brood!

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