Monday, May 21, 2012

Clothes Shopping Woes

I went to Home Ideal the other day (the same place I bought these) in search of some colorful summertime shorts.

First I tried these on, but alas, they were too small. Then I noticed that the tag said XL. Bummer.

 So I found some XXXL shorts. They were a tiny bit too big.

Unfortunately the store didn't have any XXLs. I felt like Goldilocks sneaking into a bear home with no baby bear. Where are my 'just right' XXL shorts?

I tried to get a clear picture of the hilarious tag on these Modeng shorts. This was the clearest one I was able to get. (You can see most of the words in the picture above.)

The vogue is your characteristics
it seems that I have nto heard
fantexi is foreve fashion
absolut vogue that the only
choice with you

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