Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Season- Mangosteen

Mangosteen is absolutely my favorite tropical fruit. The texture is like a mix between a banana and a peach and it tastes like every delicious tropical fruit mixed together. You can imagine my delight when Hong brought me a bag of mangosteen (mangosteens? mangsgosteen?) yesterday!

This is a mangosteen. To open it, rip off the bottom half. The outside of a mangosteen is soft, so it's easy to get it open. 

This is the inside of a mangosteen. The edible white part is usually divided into 5-7 segments. The biggest segment has a seed inside of it. The purple part is not edible. Even just licking it gives you cotton-mouth like crazy. The purple juice also stains everything it comes into contact with.

In order to avoid cotton-mouth, squeeze the mangosteen so that the white part partially comes out, then pick it out with your teeth. You will need to make a face similar to or exactly the same as the one I am making.

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